Product Features

  • The dash camera we offer is the pinnacle of current dash cam technology.
  • It offers high-quality video images at any time, including night and adverse weather conditions.
  • Meets the needs and safety standards of all markets
  • High resolution and technology that keeps the footage stable: accidents happen at any time, weather condition and speed, hence the importance of having quality images, in order not to miss key information.
  • Easy to use, both Mac and PC compatible.
  • SD card & on/off button lock

Basic Specifics

  • HDR sensor providing excellent video quality in all lighting conditions
  • Event and Loop Recording
  • High sensitivity Microphone
  • Compatible with both 12V & 24V vehicles
  • Recording Modes: Driving, Parked, G-Sensor and Emergency
  • 8GB - 128 GB MLC Grade Micro SD Card
  • Full HD 1920x1080p at 30fps video recording

Top Benefits
of using Ville Dashboard Cam

The best you can get

First evidence in car accidents.

Capture crime.

Record unexpected occurrences.

  • Seyi Oluwaseun
    I have never regret buying this, it provides full details as to what happened to my car when i was not there.
    Seyi Oluwaseun
  • Divine Sylvester
    It was the DashCam that saves me from the wrong accusation, after playing the video of what happened to the policeman
    Divine Sylvester
  • Kunle Bolarinwa
    It is so amazing, very clear picture and sound. I love the recordings .
    Kunle Bolarinwa

Dashboard Cam

The cameras are designed to capture every sound and image of events taking place in the car and also on the road. .

Most drivers will install forward and rear facing cameras. These cameras are also fitted on most law enforcement agencies for quality and trustworthy evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How can i charge my DashCam
The Dashcam will automatically charge itself after it has been installed in the car
2How Long Does the Dashcam Record
The DashCam can record as long as it is inside light, the inbuilt memory cannot be exhausted.
3Does it have Replay
Yes, you can replay and rewind it as much as you want. No matter the hours or days
4Does it have Memory Card
Yes, it comes with 8gb memory card