AT LAST: The Natural, Fastest, Safest, And Long-lasting NAFDAC APPROVED herbal Solution that will Destroy Any stubborn, chronic Grade of pile in only 28 days!

"all the pains on my anus and the lumps have disappeared"


first, let's have a deeper understanding of what hemorrhoid (Pile) is...

Hemorrhoids are simply inflammation or protruding of flesh in the anal canal.. the anus… which contains dead blood vessels and elongating fibers.

Which causes severe anal pain when stooling… if it’s chronic even while seated.

It causes great discomfort at night as well…

A lot of things causes pile… most common is pressure in your lower rectum (anus) that affects blood flow which makes the veins swell…

This is what turns out to be… swollen fleshy part of your body known as PILE!

there are other causes, like:

  • Pregnancy! The pressure exerted in the anus during pregnancy can cause pile
  • Seating on a spot for a long time
  • Constipation and diarrhea

the different Stage of pile?

Many pile sufferers have probably gone through the harsh conditions of any of these 4 stages of pile.

grade 1

These are small inflammation and swelling in the anus, they are not always visible but you Feel it

grade 2

At this stage it graduates to a small swelling that only comes out drunk lung stooling but it goes back unaided!

grade 3

This is the grade where they are visibly outside the anus and you feel them, but can easily be pushed back.. this stage is very dangerous!

grade 4

At this stage the doctor advises a surgery because you are at a risk of anal cancer! Nobody should wait for it to get to this stage.

have you experienced any of these annoying symptoms?

what about these even more severe and harsh symptoms?

introducing... the nAFDAC Approved pile care kit by ekiema wellness

2-in-1 kit: Cream & capsule. NAFDAC #: A7-0942L

The Twinmade PileCare by Ekiema Wellness is A NAFDAC Approved herbal cure for all grades of pile and hemorrhoids.

No matter how long you have Been suffering, the pile care by ekiema would eradicate it out.

the best pile cure product and nAFDAC Approved!

PileCare by Ekiema Wellness is easy to use and has been saving lives… it completely destroys any grade of pile, prevents the risk of cancer and anal surgery. 

What an easy and brilliant way to solve a rather serious problem for new and old smokers alike.

testimonies full everywhere - no grade of pile can withstand pileCare by ekiema wellness

it's very easy to use?

30 capsules: take 1-2 capsules twice daily

the cream: apply to the anal area twice daily

how to get your own supply of PileCare kit?

we're presently offering free delivery and payment on delivery nationwide!

Plus you get up to 30% discount if you order in the next 48 hours, don't miss out!

*1 kit - n17,500
*2 kits - n35,000 - get 1 free
*3 kits - n45,000 - get 1 free


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*1 kit - n17,500 *2 kits - n35,000 - get 1 free *3 kits - n45,000 - get 1 free

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NOTE: Before placing order, please ensure you’re available with the money to collect your package in 1-3 business days, God bless you!

a very vital information!

Remember! If You close this page without getting your own of supply of pileCare by ekiema, You Stand a chance Of Facing Dangerous Health Complications, anal surgery and possibly death, But God Forbid…

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introducing... pile care by ekiema wellness

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